As of March 25th 2009
Climate Control Systems and Hearthtools Online parts sales is Clos
It has been a good 19 year run.
I want to thank all my good customers for your support
Rod is now Servicing Pellet and Gas stoves
Parts Sales We are Referring all online Stove parts sales to
Wood Heat Stoves and Solar
They have a large selection of Factory and aftermarket stove parts.
I trust this company they have been in the hearth business for over 25 years
Use Coupon code ( for a discount.

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The Burn pot above replaces the burn pot below.

old_whit_pot.jpg (17998 bytes)

The Drop in grate will draw are from the Ash pan  instead of the tube in the old burn pot. This will solve the problems of leaking ash drawer, Fire will burn more active and most ash will fall through the bars in the grate directly into the ash pan.