Pellet stove installations


whitfield Plus










Whitfield Advantage Plus, 3" pellet pipe through existing 6" wood stove pipe. 2-45 deg. elbows and an 12" to move stove back into corner and to center stove on hearth pad.

whitins..jpg (15432 bytes)
Plus insert

avantp.jpg (12683 bytes)
Advanti Pellet adapted to existing 6" wood stove pipe.

Astoria pellet Stove Replacing and Old Franklin woodstove.

Astoria Connected to 6" pipe at the Support box.

To make a proper Vent connection we ran 4" Pellet Vent down an 25" tall 80 year old wood stove Flue. Enviro Windsor pellet stove.

Click on photo for full size.
White Enviro Windsor Connected to 8" wood stove pipe.
As you can see from the first photo you can hardly notice the offset looking directly at the stove.

Ef2 offset. Click on image for full size.

Avalon Astoria

Meridian Pellet

Enviro EF3 pellet insert.


This is a NO NO in our book of how to install a pellet stove. This stove was installed by a  Stove installation company From Fresno. We will NEVER direct vent a pellet stove.
We replaced this cap with a T clean-out and pipe going up through the roof. You can see the home owner tried to clean the Black off the wall.

Below is the correct way to install a pellet stove Out the wall

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wrong way         Right way

How to solve problems

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Our on staff service personnel doing a major cleaning
on an neglected 1990 Whitfield insert @ our shop

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