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If you do not feel comfortable with electrical wiring nor have the proper tools to test electrical parts


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1992 - 97 Wire diagram

1997 current wire diagram

Breckwell Vacuum switch test. (also know as the pressure switch)

Vacuum switch Test:

Always Unplug stove and check to see that all wires and connections are securely connected.

This Test is to see if you have 120 volts going in and out of the vacuum switch with the stove (combustion blower) running after pressing the auger switch and all wires attached.

1. Plug the stove in and turn it on.
(press the auger button to confirm that the green light is still not coming on.)
Use a Volt. or multi meter to test the air switch circuit.
Set the meter to 100- 200 VAC range
Touch on probe to an unpainted service of the stove.
Touch the other probe to the vacuum switch white wire attached to the terminal marked "C".
The meter should indicate at or near 120 Volts.
 If it reads near Zero and all wire connections are good most likely your control board is Malfunctioning.
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2. If the meter did read 120 Volts at the white wire terminal "C", switch the probe to the other terminal on the vacuum switch, with the gray wire attached. If the terminal ALSO reads 120 volts then the problem is not the air switch; it is most likely the high temp thermo disk 60T21
Go here for steps to test the high temp thermo disk.

If the Vacuum switch did not read 120 volts on the grey side:
Most common problem: Vacuum switch tripped or bad.
a. Stove door and/or ash drawer not sealed or shut.
    b. The port that the vacuum hose is connected to the stove is plugged.
    c. The hose is bad, cracked or plugged.
    d. The flue system is full of ash.
    e. Vacuum switch is bad.

 you can Bypass the vacuum switch temporarily with the step below.

Bypass or
If you do not have to way to test voltage: 
Put the two wires usually grey and white at the Silver Vacuum switch together this will bypass the vacuum switch and the stove will most likely run normally )

If this fixes the problem you need to Clean the flue, fan, ash traps and the Small port that the rubber hose from the vacuum switch is going to. You also want to be sure the ash draw door and stove door are sealing tight.

Note: Some Older Pre 1992 stoves will only feed pellets after the auger system switch (60-T22) closes at 110 deg. temperature after about 10 minutes or the Manual feed is pressed.

1992 - 97 Wire diagram

1997 current wire diagram

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